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24 May 1982

Mon May XXIV Back To School. BOO. Went to the Wine Shop with Dad + Karen. Lemonade + Crisps for Supper Yum Yum Every child bemoans the fact that they have to return to school after a holiday, don’t they? … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother, Part Two

We left the story at the point where I was on the train into London, en route to my first ever meeting with Caro. When I got to London I suddenly had a pang of conscience. Here I was, on … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother

I’ve often said that, within reason, I’ll do requests on this site. There are some things that I won’t ever write about, even if someone asks me to. The overriding criteria for anything to go on here is ‘does my … Continue reading

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As I trailed on Monday, Dave the Dentist moved in with Helen and I after winning a contest that really wasn’t a contest for the vacant room. And on the whole it worked out pretty well. Bear in mind that, … Continue reading

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