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A Matthew

Writing about my first wedding the other day reminded me of a curious little incident from about five months ago. I was walking along either Fleet Street or The Strand in London*, on my way to talk to someone about … Continue reading

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Its Not My Fault!

Two of my favourite people are getting married today, and apparently I am to blame. I’m not, of course. In fact, it is all Rob Smyth’s fault. Smyth, in case you didn’t know, is a sportswriter and the star of … Continue reading

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A Wedding With Some Differences

It was one of the more unusual weddings that I have ever been to. For a start, it remains the only one I can remember going to where the bride was almost six months pregnant. It is also the only … Continue reading

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My Worst…Wedding

There’s a surprising amount of competition for this, from the wedding where I had not only never met the groom but never got to speak to the one person I did know, the bride, to the one which my only … Continue reading

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