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Being Published

On a couple of occasions recently I have been asked what the first thing I ever had published was. This is a difficult question to answer, because I never know at what level the questioner expects me to begin. For … Continue reading

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How to Almost Run a Marathon

With Caro away on a charity cycle ride, I thought I’d regale you with a few tales of my own attempts to raise money for charity. I’m really not that good at it. I was lucky as a child. Every … Continue reading

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7 May 1982

Fri May VII Last day of term. Got out at 1.30. I suppose its been alright, despite the disaster with cricket, but I made the school soccer team which I’ve never done before and P3 W1 D1 L1 F3 A4 … Continue reading

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6 May 1982

Thur May VI Old boys day. Watched the 1st Soccer XI get wasted  by the old boys 5-2, but it poured with rain. Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary. MAGS was the only school I attended which had an Old Boys … Continue reading

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2 February 1982

Tues Feb II First day of school! Took Karen to the MainDonalds and then walked with Evan and his friend Keegan to school. Went into Assembly. Sent to be put into classes. I’m in Mr Beechey’s class, 4Bc, with another … Continue reading

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The Sad Story of Simon

Every school has a Simon. The sort of kid who doesn’t quite fit in, who seems to be in a permanent daze and whose conversation appears to be completely at a tangent to whatever anyone else is talking about. Simon … Continue reading

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Leaving Time

It is – or, at least, has been – half term week. I had forgotten what a watershed this marks for some people. Specifically, anyone taking their GCSEs. For a proportion of them, the last day before this half term … Continue reading

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