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Mr & Mme Davey – Part Two

Last Wednesday, I began the story of the two most inept teachers it was ever my sorry misfortune to encounter, and I told you about Mme Davey. Today, we turn to her husband. The Daveys always put me in mind … Continue reading

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Mr & Mme Davey – Part One

Over the course of my education, I was lucky enough to have some wonderful teachers. Some were manifestly great and truly inspirational, such as Mr Tedstone and Dr Smith. Some, like Mr Harris, had an influence which I didn’t appreciate … Continue reading

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If We All Spit Together…

Some of you may remember Spitting Image. It was a satirical puppet show back in the 1980s, famous for lampooning Margaret Thatcher as a man, John Major as a grey man obsessed with peas, and just about every other politician … Continue reading

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School’s Out

The schools in the area where I live broke up for summer today. All across the nation, children are celebrating the end (or, in some unlucky cases, the imminent end) of another school year. I was at school from just … Continue reading

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