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Driving Test

Twenty-five years ago today I passed my driving test at the first attempt (thus making good the prophecy made by my great uncle whilst I was living in New Zealand). It was a very odd event. I thought I was … Continue reading

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The Oddbins Cricket Match

Everyone needs something to get them through the working day. For some it is simply the satisfaction of knowing that they are the best at what they do. For others, it is the thought of the illicit moments that they … Continue reading

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Mr Tedstone – part one

Ask anyone who went to Telford Middle/Junior School which teacher they remember most fondly and you will find that at least 80% of them give one name above all others: Mr Tedstone. Ken Tedstone – everyone knew his first name, … Continue reading

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My First…Proper Curry

I thought I’d have a recurring theme, where I wrote about the first time I did something or had something happen to me. And what better place to start than with one of my many slight addictions, curry. Curry had … Continue reading

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A Trip to Ludlow

Thinking back, it seems that the summer of 1986 did odd things to our parents. Mine decided to move to a house in a village called Bubbenhall, which meant that we were almost exactly twenty minutes from anywhere, despite the … Continue reading

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Skiing in Kitzbuehl

It was, for most of us, the best skiing trip ever. A party so huge it required two coaches to transport us all. Skiing that was, to say the least, challenging – sheet ice in the morning, ankle deep slush … Continue reading

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School’s Out

The schools in the area where I live broke up for summer today. All across the nation, children are celebrating the end (or, in some unlucky cases, the imminent end) of another school year. I was at school from just … Continue reading

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