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Tell Sid

One of the nice things about my degree was that it was a joint honours course i.e. I studied two subjects instead of one. In those days before computerised timetabling, a certain amount of work was needed to try to … Continue reading

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The Funeral Party

I mentioned last week that the death of my grandmother had set off a chain of events which ultimately led to me meeting Caroline. It all began with her funeral… Helen always had (may still have, too) a slightly unusual … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother

I’ve often said that, within reason, I’ll do requests on this site. There are some things that I won’t ever write about, even if someone asks me to. The overriding criteria for anything to go on here is ‘does my … Continue reading

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My First…Cricket Tour

I’ve just been away on a cricket tour. Which made me think back to the only other tour I have ever been on. The tour was to Wales. Three days, two nights, three games, somewhere in the region of Cardiff. … Continue reading

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