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Ms Jackson

This isn’t really a ‘musical memory’ post as such. I was listening to The Music Machine on Friday night and they played this song. That is, as the caption says, Australian band The Vines covering Outkast’s song Ms Jackson. Hearing … Continue reading

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A Matthew

Writing about my first wedding the other day reminded me of a curious little incident from about five months ago. I was walking along either Fleet Street or The Strand in London*, on my way to talk to someone about … Continue reading

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Family Names

The first time that you meet the parents of your new boy or girlfriend is always an awkward moment. Not only are you in essence admitting that there are parts of you that you wish to have in contact with … Continue reading

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Andy and Me

I have seen many bands and singers over the years, so many that it is surprising just how many of them are still with us – or, to put it another way, just how few of them have died. After … Continue reading

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Olympic Memories: 2000

The Sydney Games were an unusual event for me, because they were the first that I experienced at least partially by radio. Although I was well used to listening to sport on the radio – in fact, in the days … Continue reading

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Olympic Memories: 1992

I watched the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympics in the large, airy living room of the flat that Helen had just bought in Didsbury, Manchester. We had not long moved in and didn’t have a lot of furniture, so … Continue reading

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Golden Jubilee

Following on from last week’s post about the Silver Jubilee, a much more recent memory, from almost exactly ten years ago. In most people’s minds, the Golden Jubilee is memorable for only one thing, this piece of ridiculous posturing. That … Continue reading

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Custody of the Friends

If you have ever been in a long term relationship with someone and then broken up, then this post should hopefully resonate with you. When Helen and I eventually split up for good, we managed to be quite mature about … Continue reading

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29 February

This has nothing to do with the New Zealand diary. Apart from anything else, 1982 wasn’t a leap year. On the other hand, I couldn’t pass up the chance to write something on a day that only occurs once every … Continue reading

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Spanking John Barrowman

One of the things that I have often said about my job is that, as a lawyer, you are at entirely the wrong end of any free things that are going. The law is a service industry and the competition … Continue reading

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