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Crashing – Part 1

I’ve mentioned before that, until I was 19, my family didn’t own a car and that I therefore cycled most places. Of course, this meant that I occasionally fell off my bike. Most of the time I didn’t actually hurt … Continue reading

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My parents have always been very supportive of any fundraising activity which I have undertaken and it is probably a good job that I don’t do many of them or they’d be bankrupt. On this occasion, I think I scared … Continue reading

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My First…Time Home Alone

A good friend was talking the other day about how she is trying to give one of her children a bit more independence now that they are at secondary school. It reminded me that, once upon a time, being left … Continue reading

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The First Man on the Moon

I was too young to really remember the first moon landing. I was not quite two when it happened. However, the death of Neil Armstrong last week brought to mind a memory which is not only one of my earliest … Continue reading

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Coming Home

I don’t remember how long it was after we returned to the UK that we actually went home. I think it could have been anything up to a week. It was certainly a fair amount of time and I’m not … Continue reading

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6 August 1982

At that point, the diary ends. This is what happened the next day, though The flight back was beset with complications. Initially, all went well. We had a stopover of an hour or so in Bahrain and I remember Mum … Continue reading

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3 August 1982

Tue Aug III Went shopping. Dad bought me a boxing game for S$27. Went on a city tour in the afternoon. I still have the boxing game somewhere. It is a basic calculator with a one-player game mode. There are … Continue reading

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