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I have been inexplicably lucky over the years. I have developed so many friendships that I don’t really deserve to have. Over the course of the next few Fridays I want to tell you about some of them – not … Continue reading

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Your Shirt Of Mine

Very occasionally, someone asks me about things which I used to do which I no longer do and which I don’t miss at all. There are a few of those, of course, but the one that always comes top of … Continue reading

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In Memoriam…Uncle Arnold

I went to a wine tasting last night. I almost didn’t go, but then I realised that, of all nights, it was the night when I very definitely should be somewhere that the alcohol flowed freely. When I first began … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother, Part Two

We left the story at the point where I was on the train into London, en route to my first ever meeting with Caro. When I got to London I suddenly had a pang of conscience. Here I was, on … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother

I’ve often said that, within reason, I’ll do requests on this site. There are some things that I won’t ever write about, even if someone asks me to. The overriding criteria for anything to go on here is ‘does my … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musical Memory

I had a bit of a problem with today’s post, because the song I wanted to use doesn’t seem to be available on YouTube. So instead I’ve fallen back on one of my p-rock.tv favourites. You will recall that this … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musical Memory

Like many couples, Caro and I had a fairly idyllic, ‘nothing can harm us’ sort of beginning to our relationship. Things such as her purse being stolen the first time we met were brushed off as mere trifles. Splashing hot … Continue reading

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