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It Was 31 Years Ago Today

… that I went into hospital for the first operation that I had on my nose. Those of you who have met me may be surprised to know that this proud proboscis is almost entirely natural. Over the years I … Continue reading

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Helen, Part One

There is, of course, no way that I could write this history and not mention my first wife, Helen. She was a big part of my adult life to date and in some respects I feel guilty about not having … Continue reading

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When I was about 10 I was one of 30 children chosen to spend a week away from school, a week centered around the town of Hythe. I remember the high drama of the draw for places, which took place … Continue reading

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Uncle Val

It is hard to know how to begin talking about my Uncle Valentine, because I was only six years old when he died. He was my father’s youngest brother – half-brother, if we are being particularly pedantic, but such distinctions … Continue reading

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