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Ms Jackson

This isn’t really a ‘musical memory’ post as such. I was listening to The Music Machine on Friday night and they played this song. That is, as the caption says, Australian band The Vines covering Outkast’s song Ms Jackson. Hearing … Continue reading

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Being Published

On a couple of occasions recently I have been asked what the first thing I ever had published was. This is a difficult question to answer, because I never know at what level the questioner expects me to begin. For … Continue reading

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Andy and Me

I have seen many bands and singers over the years, so many that it is surprising just how many of them are still with us – or, to put it another way, just how few of them have died. After … Continue reading

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12 March 1982

Fri Mar XII Nothing Special. Mum and Karen went to see Cliff Richard. I still find it slightly strange that my little sister went to a live concert before I did. Admittedly it was ‘only’ Cliff Richard, even then the … Continue reading

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12 January 1982

Tuesday Jan XII Restless Night. Ate Breakfast and read THE SUN. Grandad drove us to H’row. Long wait to check in, and BA made a massive C-U oVer seats. All sorted out. Said goodbye to Gran + Grandad. Landed at … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to you all. I could write about Christmas things for days, but I won’t, because it is Christmas Day and you should all be enjoying your own day rather than reading about mine. And if things … Continue reading

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My Favourite…Christmas Song

I hate the fact that Christmas has become so commercialized. I the test of the fact that summer is barely finished before the Christmas cards are available in the shops. Over the years I have developed a habit of not … Continue reading

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