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Dear John

As I sit here, a couple of days before we say our final goodbyes, I wanted to let you know the things I’ll miss about you: I’ll miss the hearty greetings, such as “Richard! How are you my friend?” (Actually, … Continue reading

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A Small Achievement

If there is one thing that my family is not very outspoken about – and believe me, we are very outspoken about a lot of things (usually each other) when we want to be – it is individual achievements. We … Continue reading

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Family Names

The first time that you meet the parents of your new boy or girlfriend is always an awkward moment. Not only are you in essence admitting that there are parts of you that you wish to have in contact with … Continue reading

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Crashing – Part Two

Having written on Wednesday about my first major bike crash, it won’t surprise you to know that there was a second. In fact, this was the accident which led me away from cycling everywhere and into a sedate life of … Continue reading

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My parents have always been very supportive of any fundraising activity which I have undertaken and it is probably a good job that I don’t do many of them or they’d be bankrupt. On this occasion, I think I scared … Continue reading

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More Starting School

As my Facebook and Twitter timelines are currently swamped with people posting about their kids starting school, I am throwing in a post of my own on the subject. I’ve already written about my own times starting school (here). I … Continue reading

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My First…Time Home Alone

A good friend was talking the other day about how she is trying to give one of her children a bit more independence now that they are at secondary school. It reminded me that, once upon a time, being left … Continue reading

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The First Man on the Moon

I was too young to really remember the first moon landing. I was not quite two when it happened. However, the death of Neil Armstrong last week brought to mind a memory which is not only one of my earliest … Continue reading

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Coming Home

I don’t remember how long it was after we returned to the UK that we actually went home. I think it could have been anything up to a week. It was certainly a fair amount of time and I’m not … Continue reading

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What We Did Next

After a night in London, we went back down to the south coast to spend some time with Nana and Grandad Bob – effectively ending our journey where it began. After a month with Gran and Grandad it only seemed … Continue reading

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