Dear John

As I sit here, a couple of days before we say our final goodbyes, I wanted to let you know the things I’ll miss about you:

I’ll miss the hearty greetings, such as “Richard! How are you my friend?” (Actually, I might steal that one);

I’ll miss your great response to every enquiry about you, “All the better now that I’ve seen you” (Hmmm, I might steal that one as well);

I’ll miss the G&Ts that you couldn’t drink, so subconsciously compensated for by pouring your share of the gin into the other person’s glass – or, at least, I’m sure that’s why my drinks were always about 90% alcohol;

I’ll miss having someone to turn to whenever I needed a medical issue explaining;

I’ll miss having someone who was prepared to argue that I’m not colour blind and merely colour defective!

I’ll miss having someone who was always willing to be my golfing partner, even though you were a superb player and I’m the worst the planet has ever seen;

I’ll miss being spontaneously offered ice cream in the middle of the afternoon, even in the middle of December;

I’ll miss a man who could walk into a room full of strangers and walk out of a room full of friends;

I’ll miss a man whose first concern was always for others and who even to the end was asking what he could do for me;

Above all, though, I’ll just miss you being you. On Christmas Eve 2013, the world became a poorer place – and I’m already missing hearing you disagree with that opinion!

Your loving son-in-law


About Richard

Just your less-than-average married father of one
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