Ms Jackson

This isn’t really a ‘musical memory’ post as such. I was listening to The Music Machine on Friday night and they played this song.

That is, as the caption says, Australian band The Vines covering Outkast’s song Ms Jackson. Hearing it immediately sent me spiralling back in time to 2001 when, after a long period of buying it only three times a year*, I began subscribing to the music magazine NME again. I can’t now remember what the catalyst for this was, but I do remember that The Vines were one of their favourite bands at around that time.

In fact, I almost cancelled my subscription after a few months, because it was clear that their then-editor had sickeningly decided that Vines frontman Craig Nicholls was a prime candidate to be the next great rock’n’roll suicide, a worthy successor to Kurt Cobain. It was horrible to behold, even if Nicholls’ violent outbursts and obsessive behaviour did cause concern (he was later diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome). Here was a magazine which was actively wishing someone else dead and I am still not sure why I didn’t pull the plug on them at that point.

That little train of thought led me to a happier place, though.

For some reason, that song always reminds me of sitting in a local Chinese takeaway, waiting for an order and watching that video on Top of the Pops. Helen and I were regular customers there and at this time I was going through a really disgusting phase where my regular order would be Singapore rice noodles and the house special curry, the latter to be poured over the former. In fact, I rarely order either nowadays, as having to make the choice between the two is far too complicated for my little brain.

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