We’ve Got A Little Sister!

I’ve always been greatly amused by the stories of women who give birth in inconvenient places – the changing rooms of clothes shops, the office, Reading County Court, that sort of thing – and then claim that they didn’t know they were pregnant. To my mind, that must take a spectacular combination of stupidity, mathematical illiteracy and salad-dodging.

Now, I will confess to having at least two of those problems myself (though I only dodge undressed salad nowadays, and lettuce is lovely when stir fried). Even so, imagine my shock a couple of days ago when I found out that The Memory Blog has a little sister*.

The South African Memory Blog is the work of my lovely friend Sarah Jane and although a very tiny infant is still well worth a read.

Personally, I am very much looking forward to seeing the parallels between Sarah Jane’s life and mine, seeing as she is a decade younger than me, grew up on a different continent and had the misfortune to be born a girl. I hope that you’ll enjoy the contrast, too, and from time to time I’ll pick up on something she’s said and give you my own take on it, just so that you can see the difference.

*Little sisters are fun. It takes them a long time to realise how gullible they are. Which is why on at least one occasion Karen ended up standing naked in the field behind our house whilst Roland Pettifer and I ran away with her clothes.

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