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Andy and Me

I have seen many bands and singers over the years, so many that it is surprising just how many of them are still with us – or, to put it another way, just how few of them have died. After … Continue reading

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Not a Lot of People Know That

There are a few things about my life that I tend to keep quiet about. This is one of them. Although I have always admitted that there are things that are never going to be mentioned on here – either … Continue reading

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Baird, Campbell, Livingstone, Scott

For various reasons I have recently been talking a lot about my junior school days. Not really on here, but to other people. One conversation got onto the subject of school houses. Some schools, it seems, have only two or … Continue reading

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Crashing – Part Two

Having written on Wednesday about my first major bike crash, it won’t surprise you to know that there was a second. In fact, this was the accident which led me away from cycling everywhere and into a sedate life of … Continue reading

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Crashing – Part 1

I’ve mentioned before that, until I was 19, my family didn’t own a car and that I therefore cycled most places. Of course, this meant that I occasionally fell off my bike. Most of the time I didn’t actually hurt … Continue reading

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The last big charity challenge I undertook was the only one I have ever done that has been run by the charity concerned. The objective was to ski down 24 Austrian mountains in 48 hours – which was even more … Continue reading

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My parents have always been very supportive of any fundraising activity which I have undertaken and it is probably a good job that I don’t do many of them or they’d be bankrupt. On this occasion, I think I scared … Continue reading

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How to Almost Run a Half Marathon

Many years after I almost ran a marathon, I ended up almost running a half marathon. On this occasion I did at least begin with every intention of running the thing. It began when Rob Smyth of The Guardian newspaper … Continue reading

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How to Almost Run a Marathon

With Caro away on a charity cycle ride, I thought I’d regale you with a few tales of my own attempts to raise money for charity. I’m really not that good at it. I was lucky as a child. Every … Continue reading

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More Starting School

As my Facebook and Twitter timelines are currently swamped with people posting about their kids starting school, I am throwing in a post of my own on the subject. I’ve already written about my own times starting school (here). I … Continue reading

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