The First Man on the Moon

I was too young to really remember the first moon landing. I was not quite two when it happened. However, the death of Neil Armstrong last week brought to mind a memory which is not only one of my earliest but one which I am almost sure is inaccurate.

That memory is of my Dad and one of my uncles going to the pub to watch it. I am not sure why I think this. Dad was never one for randomly going to the pub and I can’t imagine how they would have shown something like that in a pub anyway. Although the timings sort of fit – I think the landing was at about 9.15pm in the UK – I understand that it was hours before Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left the capsule, so the pub would have been closed as they were not allowed to stay open beyond 11pm.

Then there is also the additional complication that it is my Uncle Bob that I remember him going with, and I am not sure that he was old enough to drink at that time.

Despite all of this, forever afterwards, whenever I passed the pub which was nearest to our then-home – which occasionally happened if I was out and about with Grandad in his van – I would think to myself ‘That’s where Dad watched the moon landing’.

All of which may actually tell you more about me than I realise. There probably aren’t that many kids out there who can believe that they put a man on the moon, but can’t believe that their father once went to the pub!

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