3 August 1982

Tue Aug III

Went shopping. Dad bought me a boxing game for S$27. Went on a city tour in the afternoon.

I still have the boxing game somewhere. It is a basic calculator with a one-player game mode. There are 100 levels to it and although I have beaten the game on every single one of them, I have only ever managed to do 54 in one sitting, as each level can last up to three minutes and I’m not so much of a geek that I am going to devote five hours of my life to playing a pocket calculator.

I remember Dad attempting to haggle down the price of the game and being told that it was not negotiable. His disappointment was obvious even to me, as I think he was looking forward to a bit of negotiating. It wasn’t all bad, though, as he did manage to get some money knocked off a tablecloth on this trip.

I remember nothing about the city tour. Nowadays, if you have a long enough layover, the airport throws one in for free. The last time I was there I eschewed the tour in favour of spilling boiling chicken noodles over my wrist. But that is another story altogether.


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