1 August 1982

Sun Aug I

Last day in N.Z. Mass clear-up. Rang Vince. He found out there was no Tues flight, so we’ll miss each other. Had fish + chips for tea. Went to the Rocket park. Ke got filthy playing football. Played Dominoes at night. Score in one game was GRAN 101, GRANDAD 90, DAD 94 , ME 54!!

We played a lot of dominoes whilst Gran and Grandad were over. Grandad had been playing it all of his life and was very hard to beat, so Gran had something of an unacknowledged achievement here. Beating me by so much was less of an achievement as it was many, many years before I realised how tactical this game – and indeed a lot of others – was. What I cannot remember, though, is which version of the game we were playing and how it left me so far behind on the scoring.

The comment about Kevin is a very pointed one. It means ‘he got into a lot of trouble for this’ – hard on a five year old who didn’t appreciate that there was not really time to wash and dry his muddy clothes before we had to leave the next morning.

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