31 July 1982

Sat Jul XXXI

Last day of July. Did another charity collection with Mrs P. Not a good response for the Crippled Children.

The others went out so I went to rugby. OTAHUHU beat NORTH SHORE 26-16 and GRAMMER beat UNIVERSITY 13-9.

Youth Grp. Cancelled so helped M + D pack. M threw out all my sugar! Boo Hoo!!

Where to begin (other that with the fact that seven months at a grammar school had not taught me to spell the word ‘grammar’)? I can’t imagine that many parents would allow their 14 year old to take himself off to a rugby match, but mine were. First of all, I had to knock on a few doors with Mrs Parkes. I do remember that there was one collection where almost no-one would give any money and in fact where most people were not at home at all. I guess it was this one.

Having done my duty I was allowed to wander off to Eden Park and sit on the wooden benches in the exact same location that I had first watched a cricket match in back in February. It was my first visit to a rugby match and I had a wonderful afternoon. The sun shone, I was left well alone and the stadium announcer became inexplicably excited when a particular player scored.

I’ve somehow managed to avoid mentioning anywhere that everywhere I went in New Zealand I collected a packet of sugar. At the time a lot of places had packets either with the name of the establishment you were in, or a picture of the town you were in. The collection lived in one of the drawers under my bed and there were over thirty packets there. The throwing out was done very craftily and it was only when I was looking for them to pack them that I discovered they were no longer there. It follows that, contrary to the presumption made in the diary entry, this could have happened at any time in the past few days.

Also discarded was the hat autographed by Dennis Lillee. I didn’t notice that that was gone until we were back in England and it was too late. Thinking about it still makes me a little sad.

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