30 July 1982

Fri Jul XXX

Stayed in bed until 9.30. Went to Hamilton with the others + had lunch at McD’s again. Lunch consisted of My Big Mac, chips, Choc. Milk Shake and Caramel Sundae, 1/2 of Karens Chips, Lisa’s Ice Cream Cone and Kevins Cone and Strawberry Milk-shake! Went and said goodbye to RYG. Norman’s holding a meeting for those who didn’t go tomorrow, though.

That was definitely one of my more memorable meals in New Zealand. I didn’t remember having so many sweet things, but the list is pretty exhaustive so I have no reason to doubt it. Until I read back over the diary I was convinced that I had first had a caramel sundae in Germany in 1983, but it seems that this was not the case at all. As I have got older I have become less and less of a dessert person, but a good ice cream sundae will still always tempt me.

Conversely, this would have been one of the very few strawberry milkshakes I have ever had. This occasion aside, they always give me indigestion.

I am surprised that I didn’t make more of the Youth Group reference, as this was a bone of contention between my parents and I, at least for a little while. The Youth Group had arranged a skiing trip to Mount Cook on the South Island. I had never been skiing but had long been an avid watcher of ‘Ski Sunday‘ back at home, so wanted to go.

This led to conflicting schools of thought on the issue. Mine was that it was a chance to do something that I had never done before and might never get a chance to do again. My parents’ was that it was the weekend before we left New Zealand and that with my record of inopportune injuries (see here and here and arguably here too) I was bound to break a leg. It was an argument I couldn’t win, as I couldn’t afford to go without their support.

The trip had actually been delayed by a day due to the weather the day before, so in going and seeing the skiers off I had an unexpected chance to say goodbye.

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