29 July 1982

Thur Jul XXIX

Heavy rains last night continued all day.

Went to town with Dad and we had lunch at McD’s. Dad got the photos and Singapore Dollars. Singapore Dollars are grotty little scraps of (Rice?) paper. Photo’s of me playing soccer are ok bar SMO in both and BSC in 1. Nothing much happened in the afternoon. The others had been to St Luke’s and got soaked.

Oh dear, that casual 14-year-old racism rearing its ugly head again. Once more, I apologise to anyone offended by the fact that I could be complete pillock at times.

The Singapore dollars were scrappy bits of paper, though. I remember being quite disappointed as I had been expecting something ornate and oriental.

My hatred of Shane Owen and Bryce Chapman had clearly reached critical mass if I couldn’t bear them being in two photographs of a football match. One of those photos just shows us all standing around at half time. The other shows me playing a lovely first time pass to Shane having received the ball from Des Beeney so recently that he is still in shot. Now, I’m actually quite happy with that as a vignette of my time as a schoolboy footballer.

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