27 July 1982


Last Tuesday in N.Z. Went on a ferry to Devonport. When we got there we found that ARA buses didn’t go there, so we had to go to Takapuna to catch one back to Auckland.

Couldn’t find the Fish + Chip shop where they show films while you eat, so we went to Pizza Hut. Service there is V. Slow. Had an ice block when I got home. Played 4 games at squash and lost every one! Pw wants me to send a card from Singapore + AJV wants me to write to him.

As my last few days in New Zealand passed, my mind seems to have become increasingly food obsessed with food. For this reason the only part of the day out I remember was the appallingly slow service in Pizza Hut. It was very different from the restaurant chain you know today, all dark wood and curiously yellowish walls. They had four adults, three children and a ravenous teenager to feed and it still took them over an hour to do that thing at which they should have been experts, bring us pizza.

Many years later, Gran showed me the diary that she had kept of the trip in a small notebook. In it she commented on the same event, concluding that she thought that it would be the last time we went to ‘the’ Pizza Hut. I don’t know whether she did so again in the 22 years that she lived after this, but knowing her it is quite possible that she didn’t.

The last night of squash was a bit of a disappointment, especially after winning a game the week before. I have no idea if I sent Mr Parr-Whalley a postcard (I probably did) or wrote to Alex Voss (I probably didn’t).

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