26 July 1982

Mon Jul XXVI

Went to Parnell. Ka + I bought M a kauri pig and D a bag of Barley sugars. Had lunch in Parnell too.

Karen and I had been allowed to go off on our own around Parnell, the posh shopping town on the edge of Auckland. The rest of the family was around somewhere, of course, but as the two oldest children we were occasionally allowed to wander off so long as we returned to a set location at a set time.

One of us spotted the small pig carved from New Zealand’s native Kauri tree and persuaded the other that it would be nice to buy gifts for our parents. At the time Mum had an extensive collection of piggy banks – she had even bought a huge one in Los Angeles which we were now faced with getting back home – and even though this was not a piggy bank as such we still thought she would like it.

That then left us with the question of what to get for Dad. There was obviously a shortage of suitable items, as we ended up in the old-fashioned sweet shop that was there, buying a bag of barley sugars. Which isn’t much of a memento of New Zealand and which the poor man probably ended up sharing with us anyway!

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