25 July 1982

Sun Jul XXV

Went fishing again, bought a net but can’t get it home. Went to a place like MOTAT pm. Late lunch and got on a coach back to Auckland.

I remember this incident well. I was determined that, if I was going fishing, I was going to catch something. We were fishing from a jetty and I could see schools of small fish swimming about below it. Nearby there was a shop. It sold fishing nets on long bamboo poles. I had a dollar or two in my pocket. It was, to me, an obvious solution.

There were just three problems. The first was that I didn’t appreciate the foreshortening effect of the water, which meant that the fish were actually a good deal deeper down than the net could reach, despite the long pole.

The second was that, frankly, fish are cleverer than me and any that did come even slightly into range of the net simply changed direction.

The third was that I got absolutely rollocked by my mother for wasting my money on a fishing net that we could not get back to Auckland on a coach and, even if we did, we could not get back to England on a plane the following week. It was, even I had to admit, a pretty good argument – so impressive, in fact, that I don’t remember any of the other things that supposedly happened that day!

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