23 July 1982


Spent day looking around Rotorua. Got on coach to Tauranga. U.Neil went to meet us at Omokoroa + we arrived at Tauranga on a different coach.

For some reason this sort of thing is far more annoying now than it was back then. In 1982 a certain amount of chaos ensued, especially as mobile telephones were unheard of and the only way to find out what was going on was to keep calling someone’s home number until eventually they came home and answered it. Nowadays communications are so much easier, information gathering so much more efficient, that when something does go wrong it seems like a much bigger issue. In those  days, though, we were all a bit more phlegmatic about things, resigned to sitting a problem out until it was somehow sorted out.

I am not sure how we resolved this. The distance between the two places is about 20km, so it is a bit like trying to go to Birmingham and ending up in Coventry. Only a heck of a lot prettier.

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