22 July 1982

Thur Jul XXII

Went to Rotorua Via Waitomo Caves. Caves were Great.

Spent Night in youth hostel + Went to Maori Concert – dad got invited up on stage as the honoured guest.

Somewhere, there is a photo of Dad rubbing noses in the traditional Maori greeting with one of the elders. Being winter there were not too many tourists in town and the concert was not well attended. Even so, it is not hard to see why they chose the tall, dark, charismatic figure of my father to be the representative of the non-Maori guests that evening. I was dragged along to the show rather reluctantly but I enjoyed it so much that one thing I really wanted to do when I returned in 2008. I am pleased to say that that show was much better attended.

One thing I could not do in 2008 was revisit Waitomo Caves, as they were flooded. This was a real shame as it was one thing I had very much looked forward to. The trip through them was a definite highlight of the whole stay in New Zealand.

In order to spend that one night in a youth hostel we had joined the Youth Hostel Association. Nana had been left to obtain the membership cards and post them out to us. Somehow, she managed to get my details scrambled, so that my card arrived with my names the wrong way around. I am surprised that I got let in at all and it is fortunate that I had yet to adopt (curiously, at Nana’s suggestion) a signature which incorporated all of my names, although this time in the correct order. I am sure that someone would have spotted the anomaly.

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