20 July 1982

Tue Jul XX

Returned from the Bay of Islands. Waited ages for a taxi in Auckland. We saw the Wangarei Falls, Went on the replica of the ‘BOUNTY’, visited the Earth Satelite Station and a Greenstone factory.

At Squash in the evening I at last won a game. Must be the ‘NEW ZEALAND’ Shirt I bought today.

I loved that shirt. It was white, with a dark trim and a Maori pattern running down one side of the front, vertically through my left breast. By the standards of my usual t-shirts it was very classy indeed.

To explain one thing, when I left Mount Albert Grammar School the week before I asked Mr Parr-Whalley, who was the master in charge, if I could still come to squash club on the last couple of Tuesdays I would be in the country and he readily agreed. I am sure that if I asked today some fool would say that I wasn’t covered by insurance or some such other paranoid nonsense.

It sounds terrible, but I don’t remember going to any of the other interesting places that we went to this day. I guess some things had to slip by. You’ll notice that getting taxis in Auckland remained as difficult as ever, though!


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