19 July 1982

Mon Jul XIX

Went up to Cape Reinga. Its really great. Nice hot day too. Came back via 90 Mile Beach. Just after Afternoon Tea we had a tyre explode. Didn’t get back until 6.30.

I remember this day well. Not for any specifics, mind, just because it was so lovely and warm, balmy even. Standing at Cape Reinga, one of the most northerly points of New Zealand, felt like standing at the tip of the world. I have been to many peninsulas since then, including Land’s End in England, and not felt the same as I did that day.

The day was so soporific that I don’t remember the tyre exploding, although I think it was on the other side of the coach from where I was sat. This coach was not full so I had a double seat to myself and was just lazily looking out of the window when the coach came to a standstill for what seemed like a very long time (in reality it can barely have been more than an hour). I must have been dozing slightly because I know it took me some time to work out what was going on.

The significance of the time was that it would not have been long before Lisa and Kevin were due in bed, so they probably had a late night. I assume we got back for dinner, though. I think I would have mentioned that!

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