18 July 1982


Went on a boat trip ’round the Islands. The Twits didn’t give us any lunch. Afterwards we went to Russell. On the trip we took some mail to a family who have a goat called ‘FLYMO’!

I never did bother to establish whether the problem with lunch came about because we had not realised that it was not included, or that it really had not been provided when it should have been. I’ve missed lunch on plenty of occasions since then, but I can recall that I very deliberately used the word ‘Twits’ above because I wanted to use a much stronger curse and shied away from it because I knew that Mum occasionally read what I had written in the diary.

The goat named ‘Flymo’ has stuck with me ever since, even though he or she is certainly long gone. Flymos had not been advertised on television back home for that long and I was surprised that word of them had reached New Zealand. At that time both Dad and Grandad were still using hand mowers to cut their (not exactly huge) lawns, so actually owning a lawnmower which did not even need to touch the ground was a mere pipe dream (I have one now and rarely use it).

Another vivid memory of this trip is getting into trouble with both Mum and Gran, for suggesting that my father and grandfather would be pleased that the bar on the boat was open. Mum just told me not to be so rude, whereas Gran pointedly commented “You make it sound like Grandad’s a heavy drinker”, whereupon I shrunk back into my seat and said very little for a very long time.

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