17 July 1982

Sat Jul XVII

Went to Bay of Islands. Bought a ‘Muldoon Buck’ on the way. Saw Kelly Tarlton’s Shipwreck Museum on the ship ‘Tui’. Then we went to the Waitangi Treaty house and Maori meeting house and Van Canoe. We are staying at the ‘BOUNTY’ motel but have to have our meals at ‘AUTOLODGE’ which is just across the road.

This was, if I remember correctly, a coach trip. I again find myself puzzling at the sanity of anyone who takes four children on a four day coach trip. I guess that with Gran and Grandad there there was at least the small comfort of having one adult per child, but even so I can imagine that it was not much of a holiday for anyone over the age of 14.

For my part, I loved the trip. I enjoyed visiting the Waitangi Treaty site far more than I expected, although I confess I have forgotten everything about Kelly Tarlton’s museum. If you think about it, that is exactly the opposite of how you would expect things to be.

The ‘Muldoon Buck’ was a fake dollar bill printed with the head of the then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Robert Muldoon. Even then I got the sense that a lot of people regarded him as a nasty corpulent buffoon and this trinket rather played on that. I kept it for a very long time, for reasons not now apparent to me.

The sleeping and catering arrangements only ring a distant bell now. When you see how often I refer to food in the coming weeks you will understand that this means I was really enjoying myself.

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