12 July 1982

Mon Jul XII

World Cup final. Italy beat W. Germany 3-1 to win for 3rd Time. Went to McDonalds in New Lynn to have lunch. Had a Big Mac.

I have seen every World Cup final since 1978 and this one remains most vivid in my memory. Curiously it isn’t for the thing that everyone else seems to remember – Marco Tardelli’s expression after he scores the second goal – but for other reasons, such as Alessandro Altobelli coming on as a very early substitute and then scoring the third goal, Tardelli being hit in the face with the ball at a free kick, and Paul Breitner’s goal for Germany.

Again, I am not sure why I wasn’t at school, though it is probably a good thing that I wasn’t as my mind was certainly full of football for the rest of the day!

I think this was the first time that I had a Big Mac. I remember opening the cardboard box to be confronted by what seemed like a huge burger. When we returned to England one of my big disappointments was the discovery that Big Macs came in expanded foam boxes and I was secretly very pleased when environmental concerns caused a reversion to the cardboard ones. It simply seemed right.

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