10 July 1982

Sat Jul X

Went for a trip to the ‘Rocket Park’

Went to youth group and played lots + lots of silly games

The ‘Rocket Park’ was a park where the main climbing structure was shaped like a rocket. I have no recollection of its real name or of where it was. It was one of Lisa and Kevin’s favourite places to go to, although I am sure that it held very little appeal for a child my age. In fact, I am slightly surprised that I have mentioned it at all; the only reason I can think of is that it was a trip to show Gran and Grandad some of the things which we liked the most about Auckland.

The Youth Group games involved the only time I have ever attempted to wear a pair of tights. It was a game where several males were blindfolded and then instructed to put the things on. I began the contest already baffled as they had been referred to as ‘pantyhose’ and I had never heard the word before. Of course, I had no idea that there was actually a technique to putting the things on, ripped my pair within moments, and in the end some of the girls were called upon to assist pretty much all of us in completing the task. It left me with a lifelong feeling of ‘why bother?’ towards the things.

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