9 July 1982

Fri Jul IX

Watched W. C. Semi’s. Italy beat Poland 2-0 and W. Germany beat France on Penalties. Barry Davies went beserk when the German keeper saved BOSSIS’s penalty because he had moved, but so had the French keeper. Went to town. Had lunch in a cafe.

There are so many questions raised by this post. For example, why was I not at school? And how did Gran and Grandad feel about having their jetlag disturbed by me getting up at the crack of dawn (if not earlier) to watch football (their bedroom was right by the living room).

I do love the fact that both Barry Davies and I completely missed the point here. This game witnessed one of the most notorious assaults in the history of football, as German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher steamrollered France’s Patrick Battiston and received no punishment whatsoever for one of the clearest red card offences you will ever see. The truth was, though, that very few red cards were handed out in those days (though it is hard to see much difference between what Schumacher did and this challenge from Diego Maradona, which did result in a sending off) and for a goalkeeper to be sent off was almost unheard of.

Bossis’ penalty miss was the decisive one. I’m curious to see that there was no mention of my favourite French player, Didier Six, also missing during the shootout. He was the only one of the French team who played club football in Germany. I wonder what the conspiracy theorists would make of such an event nowadays?

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1 Response to 9 July 1982

  1. phildange says:

    Not only a red card, a penalty for France too : 2-1 for France before the end .
    And just before half-time of the extra time, France was leading 3-1, the Germans scored their second goal : replay the whole action, there are two faults on two French players at the start of German counter-attack . With a real referee, half-time would have been reached at 3-1, therfore no penalties .
    This day France was robbed of a final, and you never heard about that, while Thierry Henry’s hand flooded the world while it still would have been an undecided draw, and only to go to South Africa .

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