8 July 1982

Thur Jul VIII

Gran + Grandad arrived about 8am, both very tired. Gran in fact went to bed before L + Ke.

The arrival of Gran and Grandad necessitated a certain amount of shuffling around of bedrooms. They moved into Mum and Dad’s room, which was the only double bedroom in the house. Mum and Dad then had the twin bedroom that Kevin and I had shared. We children then, I guess, shared the one room. I remember that Karen and I had the bunk beds and I guess that Lisa and Kevin were somehow sleeping on the floor (I’m a bit surprised that I don’t remember this more clearly).

I think there was also a certain amount of confusion thereafter as I think bits of our wardrobes got left in other bedrooms, so that Karen and Lisa, who’d had the room with the bunk beds since we arrived, were the only ones who had all of their clothes in the same place.

It was the start of probably the best month of the entire stay. I have no idea how much stress having an extra two bodies put on my parents. I always find having visitors a pretty easy experience but everyone else always finds it far more stressful, thus making me the worst person in the world to comment upon such things*.

*I do know why this is and you really, really, really don’t want me to explain it

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