7 July 1982

Wed Jul VII

Dad dropped a bombshell at Teatime. Gran + Grandad arn’t coming tomorrow on Friday, they are coming tommorow! L + Ke can’t wait for morning!

It looks like I was pretty excited, too, as my spelling seems to have gone to pot. It was a really big surprise. We all loved visits from Gran and Grandad wherever we were in the world and having them come to see us in New Zealand wasn’t just any other visit.

I do wonder how I would have played this if I had been the one to reveal the surprise. I’ve always tended towards simply not telling people that something good is going to happen and allowing them to be surprised when it does. Aside from anything else, it does help with that whole ‘getting excited children to go to sleep’ thing.

Looking back, though, I wonder just how much of a planned surprise this was? Was it simply that the changing time zones caused everyone to become very confused about which day they actually landed in Auckland on? Could that be what the phone call referred to a couple of days ago was about? I’ll await the messages accusing me of being a horrible old cynic!

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