5 July 1982

Mon Jul V

Ws says we can’t have a late start tomorrow even though TVNZ are showing England-Spain

As a child, you like decisions to be clear-cut. You want to either like the decision, or to hate it. You don’t want a decision that you dislike but can see the logic in, because then you can’t complain bitterly about the unfairness of it.

No matter how much we wanted to use this as a stick to beat Mr Wilson with – and God knows he liked it enough when the roles were reversed – we had to admit that the school had been pretty generous in allowing us late starts for the New Zealand games and the FA Cup Final replay. I am pretty sure that Mr Wilson would have allowed the late start if he felt he could have, as he was a soccer fan himself and occasionally came to the school team training sessions in the time that I was there.

There was also a trade-off, a very sensible one, that the AV Room would be opened and would show the game, so that although we would miss the very end of it we could come in early and watch as much as we liked. The curious thing is that whilst there was an almost-comical groan around the school hall when all of this was announced, the AV room was not exactly packed out the next morning, suggesting that not everyone was as disappointed in the decision as this token English boy was.

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