4 July 1982

Sun Jul IV

Nothing much happened. Gran phoned just after I went to bed.

There’s a reason that this entry is so brief and it isn’t the one you think it might be.

You were thinking that I was just being a lazy teenager, but in fact it was a case of some early onset Alzheimer’s (or something). At this point, the diary suddenly gets out-of-order, so that the Friday entry (the one from two days ago) is followed by the Monday entry (the one you will read tomorrow) then the Saturday one (yesterday’s) and finally this one about Sunday.

They are all written in the same pen, so what I surmise is that I wrote the Monday entry thinking that I had already written the Saturday and Sunday ones, then looked back and realised to my horror that I hadn’t written those at all. I therefore dashed off an entry for those two days and could not, in my haste, think of anything to say.

Remarkably, it is the only time that the book goes out of date order and the Sunday was the only day on which something happened that I could not have told you about without reference materials. The coming days were all pretty eventful ones.

I can’t say for sure what I really did on the Sunday, but I am pretty sure I watched some football though!

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