3 July 1982

Sat Jul III

Missed Brazil-Argentina because I didn’t wake up! Played last game for MAGS. BSC, SMO + TRB spoilt it. In the end I told BSC to shut up in a V. Loud Voice.

So. my last ever game of school football ended ignominiously, with me telling my captain to shut up after he berated me for selfishly hanging on to the ball and wasting a chance for the team to score.

The thing was, I wanted to be the one who scored. I wanted a goal in a proper game so badly. Some people say that they would give their teeth for things that they really want. Me, I would probably at that point sacrificed my Y chromosome just to get on to the score sheet.

I’d had a glorious opportunity early in the game as a defender and I both slid into the path of a lovely ball from Tony Burnside. Even in my head I knew that I was going to score. Then the ball bobbled as it reached me, and the extra elevation meant that it just went over the bar.

The only minor consolation was that as it was my last game Dad had agreed to come and watch, but he had not arrived by the time this happened, so he did not miss seeing me score my only goal. On the other hand, of course, he was there to hear me yell at Bryce. He pointed out that, yes, Bryce was pretty annoying, but I was the only one who had shouted at him in public.

As for the Brazil-Argentina game, I was gutted to miss out on seeing it after all doing so much negotiation the day before to be allowed to get up for it. I simply slept through the alarm. I was pretty good at sleeping through everything in those days – including on one occasion Mum and Dad trying to wake me up as they had locked themselves out – so it is surprising that I hadn’t done more than set the alarm on my digital wristwatch to try to make sure I rose in time for the game. A digital watch with an alarm was cutting edge technology back then, but clearly not as good as an old-fashioned alarm clock would have been!

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