1 July 1982

Thur Jun Jul I

Last month in N.Z.

Soccer practice held on Tennis courts again.

Dad returned p.m. just after [illegible] returned from chip shop – what timing

This post is, in it’s own small way, unique, in that it is the only one where I cannot read what I have written. I think it says ‘K + Rk’, which makes no sense to me.

Anyway, suffice to say that two people went to the chip shop and Dad came home from his trip to Wellington just as they returned. I am surprised at how often chips feature in this diary. At home in England we had a deep fat fryer so chips would be on the menu about once a week (often with fried egg, luncheon meat and either peas or baked beans), but going to the chip shop was almost unheard of, a rare treat and often coinciding with a visit from Grandad.

Here in New Zealand there was no fryer, so chips had to be bought in if they were needed, even if only to accompany something which Mum had cooked for us.

Nowadays, the regularity of fried food might seem horrific, but in those days it wasn’t. In fact, none of us seem to have come to any harm from it.

Chips from the chip shop are a very rare treat indeed even now, maybe only a couple of times a year, but that is nothing to do with health issues and everything to do with it being far easier to make my own oven chips at home.

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