29 June 1982

Tues Jun XXIX

Dad went to Wellington P.M. Mum had a go at me because I was late going for Karen from Guides.

In our entire time in New Zealand the furthest south we ventured was to Wellington, and it was only Dad who went there. I remember him showing me the train timetable and being amazed that it took so long to go such a comparatively short distance. He explained that the problem was the mountainous nature of the middle of the North Island, which meant that the trains had to circle around the mountains to get through to Wellington.

I don’t remember Dad telling me much about the journey and I don’t know if he took many photographs along the way. It is a journey I would like to do for myself one day, although I have heard that the trains take a much more direct route nowadays.

As for the Guides thing, I infer that I felt that Mum’s ire was unjust and misplaced by the simple fact that I mentioned it. It was a rare day that went by without us each being in the doghouse for something and I simply haven’t mentioned the minor incidents which occurred day to day. My memory, albeit vague, is that there was some mix up over the time that I was supposed to be collecting Karen, in that I had been told one time and she needed collecting at another, earlier, one. I wasn’t happy, that much is clear.

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