27 June 1982


Played Subbuteo nearly all day. L + Ke out most of the time so nice + quiet

By now I was thoroughly in to playing Subbuteo. Having barely touched it during the first five and a half months in Auckland, the World Cup had clearly inspired something in me and I had begun playing my own twenty four team competition.

Some imagination was needed, as I only had two teams out there with me, Aston Villa and Wales. I think it was this which made me decide to somehow select a different set of sides to that taking part in the real finals, as it seemed silly to have an international competition without Wales if their kit was going to be involved. To date, it remains the only World Cup which they have qualified for in the last thirty years and they ended up losing 3-2 to England in the final.

England of course took part, as did a lot of the major teams. But I also remember that Kenya (lost to England in the quarter finals) and Austria (lost in the semi finals) ‘competed’.

Did I rig it so that England won? Of course I did. I was captaining them at the time. Think I would end up on the losing side in my own tournament?

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