26 June 1982

Sat Jun XXVI

Went and watched MAGS get thrashed 6-1 by Rossmini.

Games evening at Youth Group. Got an earbashing for getting home late.

This is curious. Why was I not playing in this game? Did I declare myself unfit because of my painful ankle? For all of my whingeing about my body it still takes a lot to keep me from playing a sport I love.

Did I have something else to do that day and just not then mention it in the diary? It sounds like it was a good game to miss, whatever the reason.

It seems that Mum and Dad finally lost patience with me coming home at ridiculous times after youth group. I guess on this occasion I had no excuse. Games evening would have been in the hall a couple of streets away, so I could easily have got home at a sensible hour had I wanted to.

The problem was that as one of the youngest in the group the peer pressure to stay that bit later was great, even though no-one else was likely to be in trouble if they did. Although Mum and Dad could understand that I could not easily get home from Western Springs Lake, they clearly thought I should be able to stand up for myself so close to home.

Of course, they were right.

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