25 June 1982

Fri Jun XXV

Woke up with a sore ankle – don’t know what from though. Gr says its about my turn for a full match – hope so, I haven’t had one since April 24th

So began many years of waking up with an ankle which was inexplicably painful. Oddly, even though I was a rampant teenage hypochondriac who would complain about every little ache and pain I don’t think I complained about this one too much. Yes, I would occasionally raid a bandage from the first aid box to put around it, only to be told to take it off again when my parents saw it, but I think I just assumed that it was always going to be a problem and determined to live with it.

Added to this, I did quite like having an injury which I could put down to playing football for the school team. I knew that this wasn’t a battle scar I would be gaining back home.

Nowadays I very rarely have any problems with that ankle. I assume that either whatever was wrong has largely corrected itself over time, or that any twinges of pain just get lost among the far more serious damage I have done to other parts of my body in the intervening three decades!

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