20 June 1982

Sun Jun XX

N.Z. Vs USSR. USSR win 3-0. T.V. on from 6.45 to 9.35! Karen returns from RTS Camp and I spend 3/4 of an hr waiting at the chapel for her!

Looking back on the football match I was surprised to see that I remembered far more of the Russian players than I did the New Zealand ones. It is interesting to see that so many of them were actually Georgian or Ukrainian rather than actual Russians. I am not sure that I had any real idea of the makeup of the USSR back then. In the mid 1980s I became dimly aware of Ukraine as there were two Ukrainians (or at least students of Ukrainian origin) in some of my history classes at university, but I don’t think I ever took on board the sheer diversity of the ‘old’ Russia until it all fell apart in the early 1990s.

The observation about how long the television had been on for was worthy of an exclamation mark. The television was almost never on on a Sunday morning and certainly not for nearly three hours. Sometimes my love of sport – and, I assume, my parents’ love of keeping me out of their hair – meant that I got away with a lot.

If I was collecting Karen from camp then I would have been doing so in the evening, so goodness knows how I spent the rest of the day. It looks like it wasn’t spent doing anything memorable – or indeed useful – though.

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