19 June 1982

Sat Jun XIX

Beat DILWORTH 4-0. Limped off at half time. Ice Skating with youth group. Then to Ollies, but I’m broke!

This is another one of those entries which I am embarrassed about even now, this time because I wasn’t being as honest with myself as I am through most of the rest of the diary. There’s a big giveaway in the narrative, because if my ankle was so badly hurt that I couldn’t play on, I surely could not have gone ice skating that evening.

The simple fact is that I was substituted because I was rubbish. I had completely forgotten how to play that role in the team, despite my assurances of the day before. I was forever being caught out of position and if I recall correctly I was so bad that I even switched places with Michael O’Shea so that I could play in my usual position til the end of the half. I wasn’t surprised to be substituted but of course at that age I didn’t want to admit it, even to myself.

The ankle injury wasn’t entirely fake, I had turned it. But I also turned it into a convenient excuse.

I’m surprised to say that I don’t remember going ice skating. This is odd as I was usually very keen on that sort of thing and can certainly remember several of the other occasions on which I went during my teenage years. As I even remember being at Ollie’s with no money I can only assume that the full horror of the morning’s football blotted the next twelve hours of memory!

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