18 June 1982


Soccer meeting big mess. First DJB’s in the team, then he’s not. BSC has to tell him the bad news. Karen goes on RTS camp.

I was deeply involved in the shambles of a team meeting, although it wasn’t my fault. Mr Gray put up pretty much the usual team for the next day’s game and most of the side left. I must have uttered some small voice of displeasure at being a substitute again because he suddenly decided that I needed a starting role in the side. However, he was fixated with the idea that, despite being mostly right footed, I had to play on the left side of the pitch. This didn’t give him many options when it came to dropping players and in the end the axe fell on poor Des Beeney, an inoffensive curly-haired lad who played on the left hand side of midfield.

I remember that I sought out Des later in the day and apologised for what had happened, being keen as all schoolboys are to make it clear that it wasn’t my fault. But in one respect it was, because when asked if I thought I could play in that role I said that I could, even though I had not even played there in practice matches. Des, to his credit, took it all in good part – I would have mentioned any anger in the diary, I am sure – and I am sure he knew that this wasn’t a change which was going to last.

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