17 June 1982

Thur Jun XVII

Nothing special. Voss isn’t well enough to go to school but still turns up for Soccer. Seems Fishy!

Alex Voss was the smallest boy in our class and one of the few that I spent any amount of time with without feeling that I could trust them. I wasn’t alone in this. He was known as ‘Ferret’ for a reason.

He was one of only two boarders in that class (and by this stage the other, Harvey Smith*, had left the school) and that set him slightly apart from the rest of us. He was also very manipulative and already seemed to have something of the ‘small man’ complex about him.

He was a pretty good footballer, though. I never begrudged him his place in that side, nor did I ever try to compete for his position. In that respect, at least, he was head and shoulders above me.

It says a lot about the boy’s reputation that none of us considered the possibility that he had simply got better as the day wore on, to the point where by 3pm he was definitely up to a bit of football. Nor did we consider that it must be a pretty lonely life being ill as a boarder in a school where the majority of boys didn’t board, so he might just have battled through his illness for the company. No, because of who he was and how he was perceived, this was a suspicious thing and we made sure that he knew we thought so, too.

*Smith’s nickname, it may surprise you to know, was nothing equestrian. It was ‘Duck’ because, frankly, at that age he would’ve made Anna Chancellor look human

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