15 June 1982

Tues Jan XV

News over radio – Argentina surenduring over Falklands. I wonder if they were waiting to lose in the world cup? Soccer practice. BSC + SMO really get on my nerves.

I feel that I ought to be able to remember where I was when the Falklands conflict ended, but I can’t. I suspect that I was having breakfast, because that and just before dinner were the two times in the day when the radio was commonly on in the house and I would listen to it.

As I said a day or two ago, relationships between me and some of my team-mates were beginning to deteriorate. This was in no small part to Bryce Chapman (BSC) and Shane Owen (SCO), who had started trying to lord it over the rest of the team, largely on the basis that they were in the year above the rest of us (bar one, Tony Burnside, who I never had any problems with at all).

At the start of the season I had begun keeping a record of who played in each game, who scored the goals, and rating each player out of ten, the way that newspapers commonly do nowadays. I was perfectly honest about this and both Shane and Bryce consistently earned high marks – which didn’t help, knowing that the biggest pains in the rear on the team were two of its three best players. I had been saving up some of my pocket money with the intention that, at the end of my time, I would leave a trophy to be awarded to the best player on the team each year. Because I couldn’t guarantee that one of those two wouldn’t win it I gave up on the idea after my final match and threw the record book away.

Of course, I also spent the money.

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