12 June 1982

Sat Jun XII

Beat Lynfield 8-0, Got on but didn’t score.

Table Tennis. Took over the microphone after Murray Thatcher knocked me out of comp. Announcements got sillier and sillier as evening wore on. Finnished with a visit to Ollies and a midnight walk around Weston Springs lake.

I don’t remember anything about the football match. However, this seems to be the start of whole new obsession of mine – scoring a goal on a Saturday. I had no trouble finding the net in training, but come a competitive game I somehow lost my way. Eventually this obsession rather ruined relationships with some of my team-mates.

There’s also the start of something else new in this entry. This was the first time I had tried my hand at any kind of commentary or broadcasting and I had far more fun acting as the master of ceremonies than I did playing table tennis.

Ollie’s was an ice cream parlour which stayed open late into the evening, even in the winter. It must have been a pretty mild night, even by Auckland standards, for us to go for a walk around the lake. I am not sure how I dared to stay out so late, mind. Even though I couldn’t get home under my own steam and so was depending upon others to bring me home, I am sure I would have been expected to find a way to get back before midnight.

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